Thursday, November 8, 2007

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Blue Point / SNAP-ON Rounded Off Nut Extractor 9pc
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Thursday, November 1, 2007

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We are updating all of our inventory to be included in Quickbooks Point of Sale. This will allow us to quickly check inventory for you and allow for faster checkout with UPCs. If anyone reading is also using Quickbooks POS or interested in discussing the program, post a comment.


Hi there--I'm Tedd and am usually the first thing you see when you come in. Before Tool Exchange, I was in auto parts for about 35 years, even becoming ASE Certified. So I have some expertise in that area. I have been at Russ's store almost two years now, and am gradually learning all the rest of the things that go with a tool store. We have a lot more things than it would seem from the outside and if we don't have it, there's a good chance we can get it. We may seem stumped for a while, and will call our resources to get it figured out. If we get really confused we can refer to Clif who was a Mac Rep for a lot of years before retiring and coming to work with us. If you REALLY don't think you need something, come in anyway, look around and see what we've got.

Tool Exchange Introduction

Tool Exchange is a tool store located in Prescott Valley, Arizona (call us at 928-775-6211). We buy, sell and trade new and used tools. We have a wide selection of unique, specialty and hard-to-find items and we can order many items.
Some of the brands we carry: Snap-On, K-Tool, Mac Tools, Irwin, Matco Tools
Russ - Owner
Tedd - Salesman, Cashier
Clif - Salesman, Cashier
Larry - Salesman, Cashier
Danielle - IT