Thursday, February 7, 2008

Tedd part 2

This is Tedd again. The big guy with the mustache. Probably the first thing you get to see when you walk into the enourmous number of tools that make up tool exchange. In addition to the the small knowledge he has about tools, including automotive stuff, he might be able to speak to you in high school German, or French, or Spanish, if you need that. He doesn't hear as many jokes as he used to but that will only distract you from finding the correct tool. To help with that, we have Larry with loads of knowledge in electric motors, Clif, who was a Mac Tool representative, and Russ, the owner, who has been around tools most of his life. What that means is, we can probably get it, if we don't already have it. Even if we have to order it.


Buy USED and SAVE! Almost New! Includes so many accessories!


We had some issues with the sale of the SNAP-ON MODIS EEMS300 Modular Diagnostic Tool. It ended up that the winning bidder wanted it shipped to Indonesia. In our listing, it was clearly stated that shipping was only for the US unless the bidder contacted us first. Unfortunately, this bidder did not, nor did they have any feedback. We have nothing against Indonesia, but without contacting us first like many other bidders did, and with no sellers protection through Paypal for shipping to Indonesia - it was just too risky. We mutually agreed to end the transaction. So, it has been relisted, but again - only for US shipping! Happy Bidding!

Monday, February 4, 2008

We have 30mm, 32mm and 36mm used SNAP-ON Deep Impact Sockets (6pt, 1/2" drive) all available on eBay - don't miss your chance to bid!
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Do you need a Wheel Stud Rethread Kit?

Bid Now on a used
Wheel Stud Rethread Kit!
Repair damaged wheel stud threads on most domestic and imported cars and light trucks. Sizes include: rethread dies, 1/2" x 20NF, 7/16" x 20NF, 12–1.50mm, 12–1.25mm; rethread file, 20TPI, 1.25mm, 1.5mm. Packed in a compact blow–molded plastic case with lid.
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Great deal on a used Transmission / oil pressure test kit!

MAC Transmission / Oil Pressure Test Kit TPT455M

For all domestic and most foreign cars and light trucks. Provides accurate pressure readings for engine and transmissions. Professional 3-1/2" gauge 0-400 psi with glass lens and hang hook. Complete with 11 fittings, 6' oil proof hose. Stored in custom blow-molded case.


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